RGCGE Concrete Median

Concrete Medians

Along with our many other concrete services at RGCGE we also create Concrete Median.

This triptych shows a current project with the forms in place, stamping the brick look into the colored concrete, while the last panel shows the crew putting finishing touches to the work.  At RGCGE we do all sorts of concrete, streets, sidewalks, driveways, walls – even airport tarmacs!  Be sure to call or email us for an estimate for your next project.

Concrete Median Installation

concrete median

Installation of concrete Median by RGCGE crew

Wind Power help with Wild Fires

Wind Turbine Santa Ysabel

Wind Turbine Santa Ysabel


RGC General Engineering Inc. is proud to be part of our local electric companies test project to help keep electrical generation online during wildfires.

This was installed at Santa Ysabel in San Diego’s back country which is in the heart of a fire prone area, due to dry conditions and seasonal high winds.